For our perpetually active 7 year old son, Lee's TKD has afforded him a constructive way to funnel his energy and hone his fitness.  In addition, he now demonstrates a confidence and courtesy that belies his age.

Ten years ago, our daughter was born w/a mild case of Cerebral Palsy. In the past 4 months as a student of Lee's, we've seen her improve her flexibility, develop more durability and expand physical capabilities.  Who knew that she would also be intellectually stimulated by speaking Korean and Spanish?

We chose to homeschool our children because a fully trained student becomes like their teacher.  
Its refreshing to know that Master Lee structures his class in a way where they have to earn every stripe and belt.

Advantage- Lee's TaeKwonDo! -The Elliott Family


Master Lee is a one-of-a-kind instructor.  We are so thankful to have found him.  He has the patience, kindness and humor to teach my preschooler, the focus and confidence to teach my school-age son, and the wisdom and understanding to teach my husband and I. 


My sons are learning physical control, flexibility, balance, respect, and the benefits of hard work!  I love the belt tests and home report cards which reinforce the principles we have at home. Each family member gets something very unique from taking Taekwondo and it is great for our family dynamic, mind and body!


I cannot imagine taking Taekwondo from anywhere else!  Just try one lesson and you will be hooked! -Suzanne


Master Lee knows how to give a stimulating class for kids and an intense work-out for adults.  The family class is a great way to exercise and learn together.- Mike


My nuclear family, my husband Michael and I, and our two sons have fallen in love with Taekwondo.  It is not often that you can tell which choices will leave an indelible mark on your family’s history, but every day that my family and I go to Taekwondo together, I feel like we are participating in an activity that will forever change each one of us and the dynamic of our family.  I feel blessed that Taekwondo has strengthened me and our family and that we are present enough to recognize Taekwondo’s impact now, and not just post facto.


I never could have dreamed that beginning a new sport would one day mean so much to me.  I love the physical and mental challenge of Taekwondo; it’s humbling nature, and learning about the ‘Do’, Taekwondo as a way of life.


It is difficult to explain all the ways in which meeting Master Won Keun Lee has changed my life and that of my family.  Three years ago, my eldest son Kyle, at the age of four, started Taekwondo.  One year later, our Dojang hired a new instructor, Master Lee. We were nervous about getting a new instructor, but almost instantly we felt joy and excitement as we saw him start his first class. 


We were mesmerized by his confidence, passion for the sport, humility and the adoration he had for his students.  Master Won Keun Lee is a phenomenal instructor who shares his passion and love of Taekwondo with us in many selfless ways. 


My sons love hearing about how Taekwondo has changed since Master Won Keun Lee was a boy.  Master Won Keun Lee, originally from Seoul, South Korea has exposed them to a new culture and consistently reminds them how they are fortunate. My children are learning to be thankful and humble as well as to be confident and determined.  I do not know of another sport or activity in which my children would acquire all of these amazing attributes simultaneously.

I love Taekwondo for so many reasons.  For my sons, it has given mepiece of mind that my shy sons will be able to defend themselves should it be absolutely necessary.  It has shown me that my young sons, Kyle, now age 8 and Jacob age 5, are capable of being challenged in a way I thought was beyond their years.  I have seen them blossom with confidence and determination. 


My sons often give me Taekwondo tips, and they love being able to teach me.  It is such a rare gift to be able to show your children that it is never too old to start a new activity.  I feel like starting Taekwondo has helped me model many of the values I try to teach my children, rather than just paying lip service to them.  I want my sons to learn to try new things, to be humble students, to try their best, and to continue learning and exploring their entire lives.


As part of our Black Belt preparations we have started to meditate.  Seeing Kyle meditate and learn to relax and control his emotions is an incredible blessing.  Both of my sons are perfectionists and at times suffer from anxiety.  I never would have thought to introduce meditation at their young ages, but I am seeing the immense wisdom of it. 


I have to pinch myself sometimes when I am practicing forms with my sons, helping them with their Korean, meditating with them, or giving them sparring tips.  I am incredibly thankful that Master Lee encouraged me to start Taekwondo. Had I not, I would be but a passive observer in my sons’ Taekwondo lives. I am ecstatic that I can help them and encourage their love of Taekwondo in a very personal way.  It is so incredibly easy to forget what it is like to be a student and to just lecture your kids.  It is so easy to just say before a test or tournament, “Don’t worry no one is watching you” or “There is nothing to be nervous about.”  I am a much more empathetic and patient mother since Taekwondo has reminded me how hard it is to take risks, to be on display, or to be nervous you might fail and have to try over and over again. 


I will never forget my first Taekwondo tournament. As most participants, if not all, I was incredibly nervous and thought of excuses to back out.  But, I didn’t.  I did not win my sparring match, but I faced my fear and tried my best.  Seeing the pictures of me sparring someone two weight classes above me almost seems like an out-of-body experience.  I cannot believe I did it! I learned so much about sparring from that experience and got very emotional watching all of the competitors, all trying to be their best and make themselves, their families, Dojangs, and Masters proud.


I am thrilled that when we went to see the exhibition by the Kukkiwon Demo team that I was just as excited to see them as my husband and sons were.  Seeing the Kukkiwon’s Demo Team’s precision, courage, and agility on display was spellbinding and aspirational.  The energy in the room was palpable.  That energy carried on to our school.  Taekwondo is an amazing sport, but what truly makes the experience magical is embracing the tournaments, cultural events, and the way of life.


I am immensely proud of my boys when I see them put on their uniforms and tie their belts.  I also beam with pride when I see my husband rush to the Dojang after work to meet us there.  We have made Taekwondo a priority in our lives and we are committed to going to classes four days a week.  My sons both understand that challenging their body and mind in Taekwondo will make their lives more fulfilling, their bodies will be stronger and they will continue to learn wisdom from Master Lee that only a loving Master can provide. 


I am proud that we are able to exercise and learn together and model good choices for our children.  I am proud that my kids see their parents pushing themselves. I am proud that my sons see their mother throw a strong roundhouse kick and yell.  I am proud that my kids see that if you stick with something and persevere that you will improve.  I am proud that my kids see my husband and I showing respect and reverence to a sacred martial art and our Master. I am proud when I see my sons helping other students with their form and kicking combination. I am proud when I see my sons say, “I can do it.” 


Before I started Taekwondo I was an exhausted mother of two young sons, unsure how to find the time to take care of myself.  Taekwondo has improved my health, as when I began I could not do one sit-up or push-up.  More importantly, it has also calmed my spirit and filled a void I didn’t know I had.  Taekwondo has helped me be a more patient and present mother and wife and for that I will be eternally grateful.